Easy as Pie - Mint Brownies

Easy as Pie

I'm a writer, not a cook,
but occasionally, I like to get in the kitchen
and make cookies and such,
as long as the recipe isn't too complicated.


1 brownie mix
Medium box of Junior Mints
(or Peppermint Patties)

Make brownies according to the directions and cool.
(For even a quicker and easier method,
you may lay Little Debbie brownies side by side in a baking pan.)

Place mints on top of brownies, heat in oven for 3-5 minutes until softened.

Spread gently with small spatula.

Let cool, and cut into squares.

( in memory of Evelyn Bryant )


Anonymous said...

These sound good!


Anna R. said...

I thought she used Andes mints. I guess it was whatever she had or felt like using.


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