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My heart is feeling low this week.

One of the dearest persons I've known has moved.
She took a trip to heaven.

Evelyn Bryant was the grandmother of the whole church. She never missed a service. She never missed a day to pray for each and every one of us. She made sure birthdays and anniversaries were remembered. She wrote faithfully to the ones in college or the armed service.

We were all her "children."

Evelyn Bryant was a great cook. (She should be; she worked in a kitchen for many years.) She made a super apple pie and raspberry cake.She was a poet, and all of them reflected her love for her Lord.

She was a student. She memorized Scripture and learned to use Strong's concordance to cross reference the original Greek and Hebrew meanings.

Evelyn was a tease. She had a joke for you almost every week. She loved to play Scrabble, and taught me a new word every time we played. She'd help me if I was stuck, until we got down to the last few tiles; then I was on my own!

When my daughter named her first child "Evelyn," Mrs. Bryant was tickled pink. At first she said, "Now, why did you go and give her name like that?" Then she said to the baby, "You've got the prettiest name ever." (and she does...because it reminds us of a beautiful woman)

Yes, we are sad, for the world has lost something precious, but we are also happy, because Evelyn is where she has been longing to be for a long time.


Lisa Mikitarian said...

That's a beautiful tribute, Vonnie--and how awesome it is that you have a granddaughter who shares her name. It is a lovely name.

Anonymous said...

She was a great example.
Glad to know I'll see her
again at Home.


Laury said...

I'm so glad she finally made it to Heaven - a place she wanted to go so very bad. I wonder how many Scrabble games she has going right now:)

Thank you for sharing a bit of her life with us, Vonnie.

Joanne Sher said...

Such a sweet post - I know what an important person she was in your life. Lovely tribute.

dge said...

She sounds like a wonderful lady who must have been a lot of fun to be with. I've had a woman like her in my life, so I know you'll miss her, but her memory will stay with you.

Sparrow said...

She sounds like a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing her. I enjoyed the poem in the next post, too.

Lydia said...

Two thoughts that keep returning...
One is, there is one less prayer said for me (and for Evelyn and for Eliot) today than there was last week.
And two, who will fill that gap?

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Only Heaven will reveal how many lives Evelyn touched directly and indirectly in her lifetime. You were both blessed by this special friendship.

God Bless.


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