Old Friends and Old Schools

Day Two

Yesterday was like gulps of satisfying water. Every turn on the familar roads refreshed me. Even though we have winding roads in Maine, the hills in New York are more rugged and so the roads twist around more. It's a good thing I don't get car sick!

I had the joy of talking to the owner of the house I designated as "Phoebe's House." There was a swing from the tree in the back yard and hay fields beyond a stone wall. The barn looked old. Even the trees looked around 100 years old!

We spent some time in the Poestenkill library and found out there really was a sawmill there in the 1800's. It wasn't just my imagination in my book. I love all the old churches in this area too.

From there we traveled past all my old schools. A mixture of memories flooded my mind. (See "School Memories")

Then Sunny and I followed the familar roads back to Hoags Corner. It wasn't as far as I thought - of course, I wasn't on a school bus that stopped every few miles to let off a student.

I'm glad no one was behind our car because I was crawling along letting the memories tumble in my mind and pointing out each place. My house is being renovated - the original structure is over 150 years old.

We walked to the Falls. Being a dry summer, it was not more than a trickle, but it was my beloved falls. It took lots of pictures of barns and stone walls and signs. Each person I talked to gave me more facts about the area.

We visited my classmate's parents. What a wonderful time!

Then we ended the day with close friends of the family. We had spaghetti and zucchini bread and lots of laughter.

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This was a fun day!


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