Winding Roads and Covered Bridges

Day One of NY Trip:

My friend Sunny and I traveled from my son Micah's house in Milford, NH, to E. Greenbush, NY, yesterday. We were thankful for clear skies and smooth "sailing" on the roads.

We stopped at Homestead Bookstore near Keene, NH. What a great little shop, with rows and rows of shelves packed with old books.

Then we searched and finally found a covered bridge in Buskirk, NY...after asking for directions. (The GPS didn't know where the covered bridge was.) We met some cows who posed for us...probably thinking, "There are some silly tourists again, taking pictures of hayfields."

After eating at Cracker Barrell and settling in our motel, I went exploring around Poestenkill and found some friendly people, who let me take some pictures of their house (built in 1790).

I found "Phoebe's house" but no one was home. I hope to be able to go back and get some pictures up close. The trees out front have trunks about 6 ft. in diameter!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures.

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Laury said...

Sounds like an awesome trip so far!


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