Round and Round and Round

Day Three

I was all excited about visiting the town of Old Chatham. In my book, I "designed" Chatham with a central square, with a church at one end and the shops all around. But, it was nothing like I thought. I knew there was still an old general store and hoped to see where the old covered bridge once stood.

The general store looked nice, but it was a cafe. The food tasted great, but it wasn't the general store I was expecting.

We drove around looking for the illusive bridge. We kept coming back to the Old Chatham general store. We never found where the old bridge used to be...and by the time we came back to the general store for the third time, we were in hysterics.

We did see lots of beautiful pastures, enclosed by miles of white fences. We stopped to say "hi" to some sheep and donkeys.

After wandering around the Kinderhook area, we headed east toward our next destination- W. Springfield. We opted to take a smaller road and twisted our way between steep hills and along a winding river. Thankful for my new GPS, we made our way through busy streets. (Room service is a wonderful invention!)


Laury said...

Hope you're getting lots of material for your book. Sounds like you're both having lots of fun.

Linda said...

Yvonne it sounds like you had quite an adventure!

You writers have such zest for life!

Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds such fun! Makes me want to travel.

Anonymous said...

Still giggling! What'd
I tell ya about room service!
That was FUN!


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