New York Years- "Jahn's House II"


We lived in the Jahn's house for a year
and my mind flits over a mixture of memories.
(I'll try to keep them in chronological order.)

One of my chores was to burn our trash in a metal barrel. I didn't mind that job. In fact, even today I kind of like the smell of burning trash, as long as there isn't plastic or rubber in it. I do remember that while on the bus to school, finding a book of matches left in my pocket. I was ashamed and scared that I would get in trouble. I couldn't wait to get home to take them out. Also, my brother Phillip was playing outside barefoot and stepped into some white ashes. He burnt his foot badly and had to wear a slipper on that foot for awhile.

Winter was exciting for us, for we had only seen snow once before. My mother got some sleds and wooden skis for us to slide on the nearby hill. My father built us an igloo, which was warmer than I thought it would be.

I remember three things about that Christmas. 1. I had made some folded paper decorations and hung them from the ceiling. Jonathan ripped the dark ones because he said they weren't pretty. 2. I peeked in the attic, next to my room, and saw some of my presents. I hated myself for spoiling the suspense. 3. I got a toy sewing machine for Christmas...that I hadn't seen. I didn't like the electric option, but preferred cranking it to make the stitches.

Our house had two apartments in it. The other part belonged to the Jahn's son and his wife and baby. We liked to visit them, especially to watch TV. My father didn't want a TV, but we were allowed to watch certain shows. We happened to see the Adam's Family and asked if we could watch it again. My mother wasn't sure, and had to check it out. She liked it so much, that she came with us each week to watch it!


Another Jahn family lived farther up the road, and we brought their two children to Sunday School. I remember arriving at their house an hour early one Sunday because the clocks had been turned back. I had never heard of daylight savings time before. I remember playing Bible Cubes while we waited. (I haven't seen that game since. It was a great way to learn the Book of the Bible.)

Next week, I'll tell you of how we spent the following summer.

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