Baby Stuff

Things were different when my babies were little. Yes, we had disposable diapers, but they didn't change colors when they were wet. The tabs stuck so hard that if you tried to pull them up, it ripped the plastic.

We had bottles, but if you wanted to warm the milk, you had to put them in a pan of hot water or hold them under the faucet.

We didn't use car seats. We either held the baby, often in the front seat, or laid them in a bed in the back seat. When newborn car seats finally were mandatory, they were big heavy buckets with no handles. Now the seat can be snapped into strollers, shopping carts, and bases left buckled in the car.

There are lots of new products for babies: boppies (crescent shaped pillows-great for nursing babies, bumbos (soft seats that hold a tiny baby upright), moby wraps (stretchy lengths of cloth that hold an infant close to the parent), sippy cups, activity centers, and many others.

I wish I had a safe-feeder for my babies. It is a mesh sack, in which fruit or vegetables can be placed. The child can suck the nutrients out of it, without choking on the pulp.

What new products do you like?

PS Randy and I are taking a couple days off. (going to Stockbride, MA, to see Norman Rockwell's place and a meeting house where Jonathan Edwards spoke) Between Mother's Day and other things happening next week, my blog posts may be rather sporatic. See you around later!


AnniRay said...

Lavender scent bedtime lotion. It really works to calm Carter down after a bath. Sometimes I give him a bath and don't use the lotion and he is just as hyper as before I put him in.

Lydia said...

I love my boppi and my fitted one-size cloth diapers!!

Elizabeth said...

Those cloth covers for shopping carts and high chairs...cuts down on germs. And for toddlers, those adhesive disposable placemats to take to restaurants. Not only does it keep their food from touching the table, it makes clean-up sooo much easier both for you and for the staff.


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