Friday Fiction "Always There"

This is a bit late...

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This was written for Faithwriters "mother" topic.
(nothing like my mother)

Always There

My earliest memory is of you.
When my life was fresh and new,
You talked to me,
Sang steadily.
Motherly, soothingly, you were always there.

When I was just a little fellow,
I saw you in red, blue, and yellow.
One, two, and three,
And A, B, C.
Motherly, teacherly, you were always there.

I rushed home from school each day,
Not wanting any longer to stay.
You showed me toys,
And showed me joys.
Motherly, pleasurely, you were always there.

I listened to your tales by the hours,
Of knights rescuing maidens in towers,
Of silly toons,
And desert dunes.
Motherly, adventurely, you were always there.

And when I bought my very own place,
I made sure you had a special space.
Day and night,
Black and white.
Motherly, faithfully, you were always there.

There was nothing you didn’t know,
Latest fashions, going to snow…
Cooking, history,
Sailing, mystery.
Motherly, instructively, you were always there.

You always took good care of me,
Even when nothing ever came free.
Warned me of ills,
Offered me pills.
Motherly, caringly, you were always there.

Sometimes now, when you aren’t quite right,
Your face looks speckled, your tone not bright,
I need not care,
Your quality’s rare.
Motherly, enduringly, you’re always there.

I’ve heard that you are going change
Into something wonderful and strange.
I don’t know why.
T’will make me cry.
My dear television, you’ll always be there.


Sherri said...

I'm glad you said this was not at all like your mother, since it turned out to be a TV! It is sad the way kids are handed off too much to that constant presence. I confess to allowing it too much at times when my own were growing up. Limiting the time as well as monitoring the content is important.

Bear said...

Ahh... How sad! But what an excellent surprise ending, and well written poem. Really makes the point at an emotional level. Nowadays, it's probably TV and video games as a team -- Motherly, and Fatherly, maybe?


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