Everyone has an opinion about fishing--either it's disgusting or delightful.

Those who love it may have a favorite fishing spot or bait or pole. Of course, they'll tell you about the big one that got away, that gets bigger each time they tell the story. I think the attraction comes from not knowing exactly what will be pulled from the mysterious depths. There is the peaceful waiting and waiting and waiting, until a sudden rush of activity culminates in a satisfying victory over nature.

Everyone has their own methods of fishing. Some love to see the ZING of the line being cast through the air. Others like to net their catch or troll their line behind their boat. A few, like my young son, preferred to drop his line from the end of the dock so he could see the fish as it approached his hook.

There are umpteen opinions on kinds of baits: earthworms, grasshoppers, minnows, flies, clams, bread, hotdogs, etc. This in itself can keep a conversation going for hours.

My grandmother loved to fish. She even asked for an earthworm farm for Christmas. Being in Maine, in a trailer home, the only warm, dark place to keep them was under her bed. She'd pull out the box and feed and water the dirt, waiting for the ice on the lake to melt. The idea of crawly, wiggly worms under my bed might give me nightmares.

I like fishing. I'd like to learn to fly fish someday. My husband has let me feel the energy pulsing through the line as the catch swims back and forth. He and his brothers head north at least once a year to the secluded pockets of water in the Maine woods. They come back tired, but happy, and full of stories of their trip. I don't see all those fish they claim to have caught. Of course, they say that they ate most of them and released the rest. Maybe, someday, I can go too--if they will let me. Maybe I'd rather not know. Maybe I'll let him keep his fishing times with the guys for himself.

I'll post an excerpt from my novel on Friday having to do with fishing. So be watching for it!

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Tanya said...

I do have great memories of the very few times we went fishing as a family when young. :)

Sally-Ann said...

My Dad was a big fisherman, he would take me with him all the time. He would always bait my hook for me - especially when we used frogs! Fishing is very calming to me

Aspiemom said...

That's such a cute picture.

I used to go fishing when I was quite young and I used to catch more than my dad or siblings, which made me VERY proud! Now I'm too squeamish!

Linda said...

Vonnie, I am not a fisherwoman,...but my husband likes to fish. However, he just catches them and then releases them.

He finds fishing peaceful, and thinks of it as alone time with God. He goes out to a friends pond and that's fun for him.

Vonnie, I didn't know that you are a writer. (Or if I did, I had forgotten) That's neat. I look forward to reading some exerpts.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

HappyascanB said...

Awe, thanks for reminiscing about fishing. One of my favorite memories of my Grandfather is a time when I was lucky enough to get to go on an early morning fishing trip on the lake with my Daddy and my Gpa. It was a HUGE deal to me b/c we weren't just fishing off the dock; we were going out on the lake in the boat to fish! I remember being sooooo cold but not saying a word about freezing b/c I was so excited to be fishing with my two fave men!!!

Lydia said...

I am fondly looking forward to Daddy taking my kids fishing! It is a relaxing/calming way to past time... I hope it is something my kids enjoy doing with their Grampy!

Holly said...

I've always enjoyed fishing with my dad. Usually I make him take the fish off the line. lol

Anonymous said...

I remember watching a big ol' catfish circling
my hook, in a lake in N.H. Sunny

Lynnette Kraft said...

You've written a novel? Cool! :)

I don't ever get to fish but I LOVE fishing! I think I'll do some of that when I have some more time someday. I like the the thrill of waiting for the catch and then of course the great feeling of hooking it, but I always throw them back - can't stand the thought of cleaning it.

I actually enjoy baiting the hook with big fat worms too. I know, I'm a bit strange. Glad to hear about another woman who likes to fish. That's something we have in common!

Thanks for sharing.


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