"Dear Vonnie" Imitating Celebrities

Each Thursday, I will do my best to answer your questions. I don't pretend to be an expert, but I know it's not easy being a wife and mother. It can be frustrating and discouraging, yet very rewarding. I'd be glad to listen to you, pray for you, and share some of my thoughts with you.

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Dear Vonnie,

What’s a mom to do with celebrities who make bad choices and our precious children who are aware of these celebrities and to some extent, look up to them?

When I first read your question, I wondered how much TV your children watch. A "celebrity" is a relative thing. When a person is put in the spotlight and given acclaim by thousands and millions of people, they become famous because everyone knows about them. We need to be careful of what those on TV are telling us to like or dislike. We need to use God's Word to form our opinions of lifestyles and music and clothes.

What kind of people do we want our children to imitate?

There are good people that our children should respect and honor. Do you know of any missionaries or pastors that you can invite right in your home? Let your children hear their stories and ask them questions. Maybe they can play sports under a good coach. Maybe they can get a summer job under an honest, hardworking man. Maybe they can spend time with an older person that can share some wisdom. Read good biographies together of strong Christians. Teach them that being famous is not important, but pleasing God is.

I'm not saying that these people are perfect. Man is sinful and will fail. When someone your child respects falls and disappoints your child, remind them that no one is perfect. We all sin.
It seems worse when it is a person of leadership, someone who is teaching others, and God will hold him accountable. We need to pray for our pastors and fathers and school teachers that they will be strong and faithful in their walk before others.

Every one of us has someone looking up to us, even a child has a younger sibling or friend that copies everything they do. Teach your child to be aware that others are watching their words and actions. Our children are watching us. Every time we are tempted to be dishonest or slack in our ways, we should remember them and not want to be a disappointment to them.

Lord, this is not an easy job to raise children in this time of hi-tech media. Give us guidance as to how to use it wisely. Teach us to not follow the crowd, but turn to You for decisions on what is important. Give us as parents discernment and wisdom. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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LauraLee Shaw said...

Great advice, Vonnie. I always appreciate your wisdom.


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