When the Man is Gone Syndrome

How does a house and car know
when the man of the house is gone?

At least once a year, my husband goes up north to fish with his brother and anyone else who wants to come. I don't mind. It's good for him to get away and be with the other guys. But...

While he is gone, something ALWAYS happens. The pump will stop working. The alternator in the car will die. The power goes out. I think the house just waits until he is gone to decide to act up. I can't even call him for advice because they are past the point of cell phone service.

I'm glad his brother lives next door. He's had to pull me out of the driveway when Randy was on a business trip. He got our woodstove burning when I was first married and hadn't learned the knack of it yet.

Randy and my son, Stephen, just left for a few days. Maybe nothing will happen this time because the house knows that Benjamin is still around and he can fix almost anything.

I'm glad my Heavenly Father is never past the point of prayer. He never goes on a fishing trip. He's there when the storms rage and there are bumps in the night. I'm glad He's the Man of my life....and is always there when everything seems to go wrong, for I know that there's nothing to fear and He has the power to fix anything.


Patty Wysong said...

ROFL--When I saw the title of this blog I HAD to laugh!! I even went back to check that email! GREAT title. *winkums* And an even better lesson tucked in here!!

Mid Stutsman said...

Oh my...true story for most of us, ladies of the house, eh?!! Love your wrap up reminder of Who is really in charge and with us at all times!!

Joanne Sher said...

Sooo true - and I love the tie-in to our heavenly Husband as well. Awesome, my dear.


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