Losing the Blessings

Genesis 25:14-34

We laugh at Esau's foolish action of trading his birthright for a bowl of soup. Why would anyone give up blessings just to fill a temporary physical desire? Yet, I think we all do this, some more visible than others.

Anytime a person, especially a leader, gives into temptation of immorality or deception, they have thrown away their reputation, their position of authority. They are missing the blessings of leading others, of being able to teach others. Yes, God can still use them, but their life has been tainted.

Maybe we don't have a place of high visiblity. God often chooses the lowly ones to confound the wise. God can use anyone for His service. He only asks for a willing and listening heart.

Do we shy from opportunities that He puts in our way? Do we respond to His promptings to call someone or give them a tract? Are we missing out on a blessing because we let our fleshly fear stand in the way? Do we choose to sleep instead of worshiping with the brethren? Do we spend our money on personal desires instead of giving to the needy? Are we missing out on blessings?

Lord, teach us to think of others more than self. Help us to be tuned to Your voice, so that we will be quick to hear and obey. Show us the blessings of reaching out to others. In Jesus' Name, Amen


Joanne Sher said...

This is a bigger struggle for most people (me included) than we'd like to admit. I know I've missed more "birthrights" than I'd care to admit to for that "bowl of stew." Putting the physical before the eternal is so much easier than the other way around--but with God, we can do it :)

LauraLee Shaw said...

This is powerful, Yvonne. Wow, incredible. What lessons there are packed in here for me. More than you know.

Dee Yoder said...

Boy, how I struggle with trying to get past the immediate "physical" so that ethereal, unknown "spiritual" can thrive! Laying up my treasure in Heaven has always been one of my on-going-needs-improvement struggles. Touched my heart, Vonnie.


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