With each new morning,
Each start of the day,
Do I thank you, Lord
For come what may?

With each new month,
Change of season,
Do I look for blessings,
Not asking the reason?

With each new year,
Do I feel blessed?
Do I treasure your gifts
In Your hands rest?

Lord, why should I worry
When You are my King?
You’ve planned all my days
And control everything.

I need Your peace;
For I worry and fret.
But You are my Shepherd,
My table is set.

You are my Rock,
My hiding place.
Nothing can harm me
When I see Your face.

Lord, teach me to trust
And to fully rest,
For You are my Father,
And I am blessed.


LauraLee Shaw said...

So beautiful. I worshipped. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Nice painting, wonderful poem. Sunny


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