Choosing a Birthday

Today is a special day. It's the birthday of my nephew and a special friend . . . but I chose April 4th to be the birthday of Phoebe, a young girl born in a little village near Albany, New York - back in 1800's, when the world was bursting with new inventions and discoveries. 

In the sequel, Going Home with Phoebe, Zeke and Phoebe help Maseppa to choose her own birthday - since she didn't know when she was born. 

Maseppa's Calf 

At the supper table, Phoebe chattered on and on, She grabbed a slice of bread and spread a thick coating of butter on it. “Zeke, Maseppa says all this isn’t for a birthday or nothing. When is your birthday, Zeke? Mine is April fourth, right?”

Zeke slurped a spoonful of soup. “I haven’t done nothin’ for my birthday, since I was a youngster. I was born on September twentieth, so today’s not my birthday. Zeppa, do you know when you were born?”

She cocked her head and looked from his face to Phoebe’s. “I do not know. My mother did not tell me.”

Phoebe wiggled on her chair. “You could choose a birthday, Maseppa! What time of year do you like?”

Maseppa looked at Zeke and then around her. “I think I choose the time of summer. It makes me feel happy to walk in the trees and listen to the birds and animals, to find leaves and berries and roots.”

Phoebe smiled. “Yes, that is the best time for you, Maseppa. What do you think, Zeke? Is she more a July or August person?”

His eyes twinkled. “I’d say Zeppa is an August person. Do you have a favorite number?”

“Number? I will say three. One for Phoebe, one for Zeke, and one for me. That is three.”

“Wooohee!” Zeke waved his napkin over his head. “I declare August third the birthday of Zeppa Ernstein.” He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Phoebe grinned.

Maseppa quietly smiled. “I have thought of a name for the new baby cow. It is the color of my mother’s dress. I will call the calf Doeskin. It is good, yes?”

“Perfect! It fits you and the calf, too.”  

   ~ ~ ~ 

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