Nascent Talent

My friend and fellow writer, Jan Ackerson, has an amazing skill of writing whole stories in just a few words -100 words, to be exact. She has written a whole book of these slices of life - 366 of them, to be exact, one for each day including leap year day. 

 Nascent Talent
My mother grinned as she handed me the container. “It’s all your papers and art from when you were little,” she said. “I thought you’d enjoy them.” A few afternoons later, I opened the box, interested in early samples of my writing. Were there any signs of nascent writing talent?
You decide—here’s a paragraph from 8-year-old me:

Fat Men
In my opinion, I like men. They look so funny and dieting usually doesn’t do them any good. When they try to squish into a tight suit they, are the oddest things I’ve seen. I like fat men. Do you?


If you enjoy tiny little stories like this, you can find 366 of them in Stolen Postcards, available here: 
You can also read new 100-words stories on Mondays and Fridays on Jan's blog: (100 Word Stories) Follow her on Twitter: @janackerson1
Or on Instagram: janackerson

I love that this short story was written by an 8 year old girl. Do you know any young person that is bursting with stories in their mind? Polliwog Pages is a place where youngsters can develop their writing skills and post them for others to read. 

 Splash in, and join the fun! 

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