Tout est Accompli

Sometimes I wish I could understand other languages. For many times, I have heard of how God has given to a certain people some phrase that is not in our English language - a word that gives more depth to God's great love and mercy. The words of our English language often seem too shallow and trite to express the greatness of God.

The many lessons of love and sacrifice at Calvary have been studied by theological scholars for eons, especially the words spoken by the Lord on the cross. The last words of Christ at that time were "It is finished." We understand that to mean that His work was done. He had obeyed the Father's will and taken the penalty for our sins.

In French, the words read, "Tout est accompli."
All has been accomplished, completed.

Somehow, it seems to mean more. It seems to show that everything that God had planned, from before time began, had been fulfilled.

All of it. 

All the sins, from eternity to eternity were paid and forgiven.

All of them. 

All the sacrifices on all the altars were represented by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

All of them.

Will we ever know the complete meaning of the cross? I don't think so. For how can we know the great gulf between God's holiness and man's sin? How can we fathom the knowledge of God becoming a man to redeem us when we didn't deserve it? How can we understand such love?

We need not - we cannot do anything to save ourselves. He has done it - He has done it all.

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