"I'm Going to Name Him Gimpy"

Phoebe always seems to find the critters that need help. Who ever heard of a caterpillar with a gimpy leg? He'll be fine. He's in good hands with Phoebe.

On a chilly October morning, Phoebe waited for Matthew to catch up as they hurried to school. As they passed the place where they picked strawberries last summer, Phoebe noticed some milkweed plants. She couldn’t wait until the pods dried and cracked open and the fluffy seeds floated away on the breeze like snowflakes. She noticed some yellow and black striped caterpillars on the plants and picked up one. She let him hump up her arm. Matthew found one too.
“Ewww… he tickles!” Matthew moved it from his arm back down to his palm where it wasn’t so ticklish. 
“Don’t you love their yellow and blacked striped pajamas?” Phoebe held hers up to eye level. “I think I will name you Gimpy.”
“Gimpy? That’s a funny name.”
“He’s a funny caterpillar. Besides, I think something’s wrong with one of his feet. He wobbles when he crawls, like one isn’t working right.”
Matthew put his caterpillar back on a milkweed plant. Phoebe put hers in her pocket and picked a few leaves and added them to her pocket too. “You’re not going to keep him, are you?” Matthew asked.
“Why not? Besides, I think he needs me.”

(exerpt from chap 8, Going Home with Phoebe)

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