Daily Abiding with Granny

Is Granny a real person?

Heaven t'Betsy! What put that notion in your noggin?

I've had many people ask me if my characters in A Home for Phoebe are real. They're not. They are a combination of people that I've met through my life, but they're not real.  . . . although, sometimes I forget that I made them up - especially Granny.

Granny is the type of woman I hope to be. I admire her resiliency. She suffered the loss of a child, her husband, and her sight, but yet she thanks the Lord for His blessings. Granny keeps herself busy, not in selfish pride, but to have enough to give to others. Granny lives each moment, every breath and action, in prayer and worship to her God,  I want to be like Granny.

              Phoebe tipped her head back and looked up into the sightless eyes. “Granny, why can’t you see?” 
            “Heavens t’Betsy! I guess the Good Lord took away my sight because He wanted me to understand things in a different way. Sometimes I see better by listening with my ears and feeling with my hands.”

Join me here as we study Granny's ability to live her life, daily abiding in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Love and Prayers,

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