Where Was I?

Welcome back to my weekly blog game. Guess where the photo was taken. At the end of the month, I will send a small prize (postcard, etc.) to a winner. (Remember, the more precise your answer, the better!)

Last Week's Winner
Kerry Trumble
(click here for photo)
"Fort Knox - Prospect, Maine -
facing the river
('cause that's where they had the cannons positioned)"

Guess where this photo was taken.
(answer as a comment below)

Hint: (looking from the other end)

Some are easy; some are hard, 
But all familiar to me. 
The more precise your answer, 
The better it will be.


Anonymous said...

Boothbay Harbor pier.
Take a left off Main St.-
oh, no, that'll land you
in the Donaldson's yard.
Take a RIGHT and step around
the flowers. Am I close?


Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Looks like California. Oceanside or San Clemente?

Dews said...

The view from the end looks like some type of shipyard. My only guess would be Bath Iron Works is in the background maybe.

Debbie said...

I see lots of people, and it doesn't look warm, so Im going to guess its in New England somewhere. How about Brookline, MA?

Fitzgerald said...

Oceanside pier, Oceanside California off Pier View Way.

Becky West said...

looks like a boardwalk, and I'm guessing it is in California.... not sure exactly where... San Diego maybe? total guess..


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