Where Was I?

I'm collecting quite a big file of photos of all the places I've been in my life. I thought I'd start a series of blog posts - calling it "Where Was I?"

Guess where the photo was taken, and once a month, I'll send a prize (bookmark, postcard, etc.) to the winner. In the case of multiple winners, I'll draw a name from a hat - or bowl - or shoe - or whatever is handy.

Some are easy; some are hard, 
But all familiar to me. 
The more precise your answer, 
The better it will be.

Do you know where this is? 
Leave your answer in the comment box. 


Anonymous said...

Fort Knox (the other one).


Julie McKenzie said...

Fort Knox!!

Aunt Gloria said...

Been here many times. Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine.

kerry said...

yes...it is fort knox, prospect maine...facing the river 'cause that's the place where they had the cannons positioned....


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