Give a Teen a Barrel of Pickles

I remember how hard it was to be strong for the Lord as a teenager. I remember how hard it was to feel different from the crowd. I remember the emotions of puppy love and daydreams of the future. I remember the silly times with my friends. I remember the heartbreak of rejection. I also remember growing in my faith and bursting with the enthusiasm and joy of being a Christian.

The next book in the Country Store Collections is for teens, 
especially Christian teens who need encouragement, 
who need to know someone understands how they feel.

is available at
directly from me.
(Email Me)

Buy all three books for $15
Bag of Bubble Gum -for children,
Box of Christmas Candy - for whole family
( more yet to come)

Here is an excerpt from  A Barrel of Pickles - (based on a true experience)


 “Mr. Duffy, I can’t be in this concert. This song goes against my beliefs as a Christian.”

“But, its just music. You don’t have sing the words, just play the notes.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Duffy, but I can’t.”

He didn’t understand, and by the end of the week, others followed my lead and dropped band and choir. I didn’t go back, but I knew it wasn’t over.


Anonymous said...

A very encouraging book!
Good job, Vonnie!


Yvonne Blake said...

Thanks, Sunny


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