"Eternal Birth"

Mother's Day - 
a time to remember the one who gave you birth

(four generations)

I'm missing my mother this year,
but she had her own birth into heaven this last year.
My mother loved this story. I hope you do, too.


Kelita flutters next to Shimron, the watcher, sitting on the city’s wall and peering through a golden scope. She strains to see what Shimron might be looking at, but can see nothing but blue oceans and green lands. 

“Is it time yet?” Kelita asks.

“No, but it will be soon. The pains are stronger as the time approaches for the passing into eternal birth. Men call it death, but there is no death for the Preborns, the ones with the gift of life.”

“Pains? What are those?”

“Very uncomfortable irritations of their nervous system... It’s hard for me to observe it, but there is often pain before eternal birth.”

“Is it always that way?” Her forehead puckers in puzzlement and concern. Poor Kelita… She seems to have so much trouble understanding the things about man.

“No, sometimes, it happens very quickly, and there is no pain.”

“But, why would the Father….” 

“No! You shouldn’t question the Father’s ways. He has his plans and reasons.”

Kelita squirms and fidgets. “Shimron, how long does it take for the Father’s children to be born? How long are they Preborns? I mean… after they get the gift of life?”

Shimron smiles to himself. He remembers asking the same questions ages ago, when he was first learning about men. “Each Preborn is different. There are not many who come home immediately after they receive the gift of life. Most must grow and develop characteristics like the Father. They also produce fruit, so that others will know of the life,too. This one has been a Preborn for over eighty earth years.”

“Isn’t it dangerous for them in the evil world?”

“Not really. They sometimes feel that they are in danger, but the Father is watching and caring for them. They also have the protection and care of other older, mature Preborns. The power of evil is strong in the world, but they shouldn’t be afraid; because the Father has given them all they need to withstand any of its attacks.”

“May I look through the scope?”

“I suppose, but not for long. I need to keep watching for the passing.” Shimron turns the scope and adjusts the focus. “Here’s something interesting. It’s a group of Preborns worshiping the Father.”

Kelita scrunches up her face and peers into the lens. “What are they singing? What do the words ‘sin’ and ‘redeemed’ mean? Who is the Lamb?”

“I’m not sure, but as far as I can tell, it has to do with the Son of the Father rescuing them from the Evil One and giving them the gift of life.” 

Shimron squints into the scope again and turns it toward the birthing, “It won’t be long now! It’s so exciting to have a new child in the city.”

“Have you seen the new room?” Kelita giggles. “I peeked at it. I like the sparkly jewels in the ceiling. They look like stars.”

“Yes, isn’t it beautiful? The Father designs each one for the new arrival specifically.”

“Is this one a boy or girl?”

“A girl… She’s so beautiful!” smiles Shimron.

Kelita giggles again. “They are all beautiful; they look like the Father!”

Shimron peeks into the scope. “It’s time, time for the delivery!”

He clangs a string of silver bells, which alerts the gatekeepers. A crowd of greeters gather close to welcome the new arrival. The pearly doors swing wide and a gasp of awe ripples among the group. With excited rejoicing and singing, they follow the shining white robe of the deliverer until they all reach the feet of their Father.

Rejoice! A child of the King is home!
Gone is the time of suffering and sorrows;
Gone are the yesterdays, only tomorrows.
Forgotten fears, forgotten strife;
Eternal years, eternal life.
Rejoice! A child of the King is home!

A hushed silence pervades the iridescent arches. The multitude waits and watches as the newborn is placed in His strong, but gentle, hands. The Father’s eyes mist, as He looks down at His daughter. He holds her close, as a Shepherd cradling a lamb, and sings a quiet melody just for her. 

Looking at her face, He says, “I name you, Michri, my Precious. I give to you eternal life, and you shall never perish. Neither will you know pain, nor sorrows, anymore. You will dwell with Me, and I will dwell with you forever.”


Nancy K. Sullivan said...

This is truly beautiful, Yvonne. I love the picture of a birthing process rather than one of dying. Thank you for the sweet picture this morning.

Yvonne Blake said...

Thank you, Nancy

Rita Garcia said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful visual!
My mother was birthed into heaven in 1991. I miss her every day!

Yvonne Blake said...

Thank you, Rita

Anonymous said...

Adding prayers for this
Mother's Day.



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