Just One Piece of a Project for the Lord

God has brought some special people into my life.

It started when I was looking for a new missionary story to tell at VBS. I love the stories of Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael, but there didn't seem to be any new stories. I knew God was doing some marvelous things around the world. Why weren't there any more stories written?

Then a thought popped in my head, 
"I'm a writer. I could write a missionary story." 

Not long after that, I attended a translation workshop. As Fernando told his testimony of God reaching into his little village in Mexico - giving him a New Testament and teaching him of salvation through faith - I could almost hear God say, "Write this story."

Over the last few years, God has wonderfully arranged circumstances so that Fernando and Christy Angeles should visit Maine, at least once or twice a year, so that I may gather more information for the story.

I only see part of the work. I know that in their country, a team of people works hours and hours on this project. Ross Hodsdon also works long hours checking their progress. Then Fernando and Christy travel (risking rebel attacks) to have it approved by Ross. It's a display of dedication to the Lord's work.

I've watched them study each word and phrase of the Bible - making sure the TĂ©nek Bible will be as accurate as possible, so that his people will be able to read God's Word for themselves.

I've seen God bless their ministry in Mexico - 
churches growing, young people learning about God.

 God has continued to bless the writing of this story. 
Soon it will be published and ready to be distributed wherever God sends it. 

I feel honored to be one piece of this project for the Lord.

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