Memories - Toddy Pond - Raking Blueberries


It's been a few months since I've written about my memories.

When last I wrote, we were on Toddy Pond - a lot of people all cramped up in a little space, especially when it was raining. 

While I was painting at the school, my brothers and Debbie got a job raking blueberries in some fields nearby.

Raking blueberries is a very tiring and tedious job. The berries grow close to the ground, and you have to bend over and scoop them up with a flat rake all day long. (Personally, I'd rather paint than rake blueberries on a hot August day.) I know that Debbie and the boys really enjoyed a cool swim when they got back to the cabin.

Sometimes, I walked with Daddy to the fields at the end of the day. We met a man who lived in a tiny shack. His whole house couldn't have been more than 10 ft x 10 ft. It only held a bed and a woodstove (which you could touch while sitting on the bed). I don't remember his name, but he was the closest I ever came to someone I would call a hermit. (My father meets the most interesting characters!)

I remember something silly. One time when we were walking back from the fields, it was so hot that Debbie and I took off our shoes. (I'm a barefoot type of girl.) But . . . the tarred road was so hot that it was burning our feet. We found that walking on the painted lines in the middle of the road was better, so we "tight-roped" our way back, with our shoes in our hands.
 *shaking head - Teenagers!*

Summer was coming to a close, but we had a few more adventures. Stay tuned for more memories.


Rita Garcia said...

Vonnie, I always enjoy reading your childhood memories--such treasured moments. Hugs!

Yvonne Blake said...

Thanks, Rita!

I think most people have interesting memories of their childhood. They just don't write about them.

Jonathan Beverly said...

Hi Yvonne:

That guy was named Mr. Leach, I believe. Phillip and I visited him regularly that summer, and even got him down to the lake and out on the boat once.



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