Getting Excited!

"I'm essscited, are you?"  (quoted from my grandson, Carter)

I'm preparing to have a workshop and booth at the
Homeschoolers of Maine convention. (March 14-16)

But...I am mostly excited because Phoebe,
a character in my middle-grade historical novel,
will be making her debut.

I first wrote about Phoebe in a creative writing class
during my senior year in highschool (1976). Over the
years of raising my family, I continued writing the story
(mostly in my head) until my children were grown and
I had time to finish it.

Then after a few years of attending writing conferences
and getting lots of critiques and advice, it is time to
present Phoebe to the world.

The story began mostly from Phoebe's point of view,
but I realized that it is mostly a story of Maseppa,
a half-breed Indian woman who learns the healing qualities
of forgiveness and trust.

The book takes place in upper New York in the hills of the
Hudson Valley, where I lived as a child. It is full of educational
tidbits. (Of course, as a teacher, I had to put them in there.)
I am also developing a study guide to accompany it.

Be looking for "A Home for Phoebe" to come soon!


Anonymous said...



Joanne Sher said...

Excited right along with ya!!!

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

I was blessed to be able to read all about Phoebe and it was an intriguing and wonderful historical book - Phoebe is a dear gal too!


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