Exciting Opportunity

In the last few years, in my endeavor to be a real writer,
I've been learning about

 "platforms" and "marketing."

Basically, it means to reach out and tell people who I am
and what my writing and ministry is all about. It includes developing a website and joining social groups and forums and calling organizations. (shudder- I dread calling people on the phone.)

(That's not easy.)
Sometimes, I feel boastful. Sometimes, I think -
"Why should I add to an already full market of books?"

But then, I look at what's out there.
I look for for new literature for my grandchildren
and those that I tutor. There are not many good
and wholesome books being offered.

Also, we need to teach the next generation to write well -
to write correctly and truthfully and interestingly.

Building my platform and marketing
my writing and teaching skills are necessary,
if I am to be a light and tool for the Lord.

On March 14-17, I will be participating in the

I will be teaching a workshop on the 14th
about teaching children how to write.
"From Crayons to Characters"

Also, there will be a POLLIWOG PAGES booth,
selling booklets of writing lessons
plus other books and things.

(This will be the debut of my historical novel and study guide)
"A Home for Phoebe"

(I would appreciate prayer as I prepare for this.)


Linda said...

Congratulations! I hope you will inspire many in your workshop. :)

God Bless!


BethL said...

It sounds like a wonderful step forward, Vonnie. You have a teaching gift. Praying for this. <3

Yvonne Blake said...

Thank you, Linda and Beth

I'm having trouble focusing this week. I need to make a check-list.

Joanne Sher said...

Very exited for you, Vonnie! Praying.


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