Suspended Time

Isn't time strange? 

In reality, time ticks along at a standard rate, but some days it seems to zip by - while other days it seems to crawl along or even come to a complete stop. Then there are days when time doesn't seem to matter at all.

Right now, it's hard for me to tell you the date or even the day of the week. My life has been put on hold because my mother is in the hospital waiting heart surgery and my father is there with her.We take each day one at a time. I haven't dropped my usual routines, but yet I have to be flexible enough to change my plans at a moment's notice.

The hospital is two hours away, so between taking care of their house, doing errands, and driving back and forth, I've been on the road quite a bit and I have quite a bit of empty time on my hands. While on the road, I pray  . . . I remember times past . . . I wonder about the future . . . I pray again . . . I cry . . .  I listen to the radio . . .I make plans . . . I pray again . . . I sing . . .  (It helps the miles go by.)

While I'm at home, I keep writing (I have a short story book being published!)  . . . I keep knitting (a shawl, mittens, a baby blanket, etc.). . . I keep tutoring (Yep! I'm still teaching.). . . I keep going to church (Sunday School, JOY Club, playing piano for prayer meeting, etc.)  . . . I keep doing chores (cooking, dishes, laundry, etc.)

It helps me if things are kept as normal as possible. If not, I worry - and not only is that a lack of trusting God, it's sin, and it doesn't accomplish one single thing.

God isn't bounded by time. I find that when things of life come to a place of crisis, then time seems to disappear also. Maybe it's because that's when we are drawn much closer to God.

I'd appreciate prayers - not only for my mother, but my father, for me and my family, too. Pray for wisdom and healing and peace of mind.


Laury said...

Praying for you and your mom and dad. Much love and travel safety too. <3

Joanne Sher said...

You know I'm praying.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm praying too.


LaLee said...

It's such an inspiration to see you depending on Christ and making the most of every opportunity in the midst of these trials, Vonnie. Will be praying for God's strength, peace & joy to continue to consume you.


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