A Photo Hike through Time

I love my digital camera. 

When I was younger, my father took great pictures with his German-made 8 mm film camera. He tried to teach me about aperture and exposure and . . . other stuff.


 It was too complicated.

My mother had a Swinger Polaroid. It slid the picture and gave us the instant reward of seeing them develop right before our eyes. If we wished to keep the photo, we swiped this sticky sponge over it. (I remember that stuff stung if you got it in your eyes.) 

The film was very expensive.

As a teenager, I owned an Instamatic camera that I used to take pictures of friends and pets. Then the film would sit in my desk for months until I could scrape up the money to develop it. Often many of the pictures would blank or fuzzy or mistakes, and it would be a waste of money.

I  feared taking any pictures. 

Now that I have a digital camera, I'm having so much fun! I try to keep it with me all the time, because I never know when I'll see something interesting or inspiring. I can crop it and adjust it on a photo site, then load to my computer and post it on my blog or Facebook immediately.

I may even put it in a book sometime.

 I can click away and experiment with different angles and light. I love the automatic focus and flash. I can snap quick pictures of my grandkids or wild animals.

 If it doesn't turn out, so what? I can just delete it.

 I love catching candid poses and expressions.
 (No, I don't have camera on my phone . . . yet.)

I think I'll go for a photo hike today.
Do you want to come with me?
Who knows what I'll capture today?

1 comment:

Rita Garcia said...

I remember those cameras. I also used polaroid cameras, where an instant picture shot right out of the camera.

I would love to go with you. Have a wonderful and blessed photo hike. Hugs!


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