A Lifetime Together

Today marks thirty-five years together with my dearest friend. I am so blessed to have Randy as my husband. I look forward to the years to come, for each one gets better and better.  

A Lifetime Together

We look forward to years of growing together,
We have all of a lifetime of being together.
Time for each other, a lifetime together,
For moonlit nights and flying kites,
For motor bikes and mountain hikes,
For shopping trips and new friendships.

But time becomes rare as others need care,
With midnight feedings and storybook readings,
With bicycle chains and basketball games,
With homework tips and camping trips.

There's less time each day, they're too busy to stay.
From early dawn to dark, they're gone,
From school to chores, from work to stores,
From in and out, with a yell and shout.

Where is the time, yours and mine?
To share a book or a secret look,
To hold my hand or write in the sand,
To take some walks on the island rocks?

There's still plenty of time for loving each other,
We have all of a lifetime of being together.

 Time takes a rest with an empty nest,
There's left over food, but no help with the wood, 
But not enough noise; we miss buying toys,
Love the phone ringing, missing their singing.

For once we are free, it's just you and me,
So much we could do, just planning for two,
To go on a trip, try a cooking tip,
Watch an old show, watch our family grow.

For our family is spreading, new directions are heading.
With wedding pronouncements and baby announcements,
Welcoming spouses, buying more houses,
Our joy is bubbling, when grandchildren we're cuddling.

We treasure this time of loving each other,
We have all of a lifetime of being together.

(to be continued) 



Joanne Sher said...

So sweet. Happy Anniversary, Vonnie and Randy!

Anonymous said...

You both are blessed to have each other.
Happy Anniversary!



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