They've Never Heard

If someone asked you

"In this age of technology and standard education,
are there still people who haven't heard about Jesus?"

You'd probably think of some remote village 

or perhaps some street kids in a communist country, 

but each year at our VBS day camp, 
I am seeing more and more children,
right here in my community, 
who have never even heard the name of Jesus. 

They don't even recognize the story of his birth or know what the symbol of the cross represents.These are youngster who have never entered a church or held a Bible. They've never heard of the God, who created the universe.

It saddens my heart tremendously to think of what has become of our country - a country built on the desire to worship God - that has strayed so far that our future leaders don't even know who God is.

Pray -

Pray for these young hearts.
Pray for the teachers.
Pray for the families.

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