K is for Katahdin

Maine boasts of one big mountain (over 5,000 ft.) Mt. Katahdin.
It tops the end of the 2,184 mile long Appalachian Trail.

To many Mainers, climbing Katahdin is a rite of passage or an item on their bucket list. To some, climbing its trails is a yearly tradition.

I've only climbed as far as Chimney Pond. I was told, "It's only 3 miles." I thought, "I can do that." No one told me it was climbing a rock staircase, with each step a foot tall, for 3 miles! I didn't go all the way up the peak with the rest of the group.

I sat at the Pond's edge with a snack and binoculars. I could pick out my son's bright red shirt all the way up Cathedral Trail and across Knife's Edge. I saw A mother moose and her calf walk right by me and swim to a small island. A pair of squirrels, used to pinickers at that spot, were determined to get into my backpack.

The mountain and the woodland wilderness is beautiful, but it is also dangerous. The trails can get icy or foggy. If a hiker wanders off the trails, he can easily get lost. Every year, the rangers rescue stranded visitors.

The story of a lost boy, Don Fendler, has been made into a book and movie.

I doubt I'll ever climb Katahdin again, but I like to look at it. I prefer gazing up at mountains, rather than looking at the world from the top. Mountains remind me of how small and insignificant I really am. To me, they are a symbol of God's greatness and steadfastness.

My dream house is a log cabin on a lake
beneath a magnificent mountain.

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Barbara Lynn Culler said...

I'm impressed that you even attempted to hike up a mountain- good for you! It looks so beautiful and restful.

Joanne Sher said...

It looks just beautiful - I wanna climb to the top ;) If I came and asked you to go up, wouldja?? Hmm? ;)

Sandy Wells said...

What a glorious sight. I'm really impressed that you made it as far as you did, climbing those stairs. I would be sitting by the lake, cheering everyone else on and not sharing my lunch with the squirrels. How fantastic to be able to enjoy nature as you do, and to be able to see a mother moose and her young.

Niki Turner said...

I'm obviously in the wrong state. Our CURRENT elevation is more than 5,000 feet, and the good climbing mountains are 14rs. NOT happening. Maybe I should visit Maine... : )

Jean Wise said...

I never had heard of this before so thoroughly enjoyed your K word selection. good for you for climbing as far as you could. The view is great.


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