School Days, School Days

School gives me mixed emotions
when I think back to my various experiences.

New York- Elementary School
New York - Middle School
Canaan Christian School
Skowhegan High School

Mostly, I liked school. I liked learning. I liked reading. I liked even liked math. (until I hit algebra)I liked music and band. Sometimes I liked science. (It depended on the teacher.)

I liked tests and report cards - and even homework. (I know, I was a strange kid.)I liked French and geography, but not history.

I didn't like going to a new school, where I didn't know the kids or the teachers or their own ways of doing things. I didn't like school buses. I didn't like having to share lockers because everything got dirty and crumpled. I didn't like teachers who wanted to a buddy, instead keeping discipline in the classroom.

When I taught school, I liked times when we could follow our schedule for a while without disruptions of field trips, practicing for programs, or special assemblies.
I liked reading books together or celebrating because everyone got 100% on their spelling test.

I liked spring flowers brought in from recess and hugs at the end of the day. I liked home-made cards and crayon pictures taped to my desk. I liked when a student mastered something that was difficult for them.

I'm enjoying my days at home now - writing and visiting folks and cuddling my grandkids - but there's a part of me that misses school, too.

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Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

I liked test taking too! We could have formed the strange kid club!!

Blessings my Sistah!


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