Canaan Years - Easy Street

Easy Street

One of the first things to do in a new home is to get enrolled in school. We were privileged to have a Christian school right in town - just around the corner and up a hill - on Easy Street!

As a youngster, I had never heard of the term "Easy Street." All I knew, it was NOT easy to walk up that street early in the morning, when you're trying to hurry to school in the middle of winter with your two little brothers who either dawdled or chattered your ear off. It seemed like a mile, but it was probably only half that.

I do remember one funny sight. We passed a farm, and one chilly fall day, the pond had frozen. The ducks came squawking and quacking out of the barn down to their favorite spot. We laughed at their surprise to find it solid ice. Legs and wings and feathers sprawled in all directions!

Canaan Christian School was a small two-classroom building. There were only 8 grades, about 15 students, and one full-time teacher, Nancy Ouellette. I was in 8th grade. (my brothers in 2nd and 3rd) For the first week or two, I was the only one in my grade. Lynnda was on a trip with her grandparents. I was glad when she returned.

I loved the small family feel of that school. Lynnda and I had the "job" of listening to the first graders read. At recess, everyone played together. One time, we went sledding down beyond our regular place and didn't hear the bell. Mrs. Ouellette had to send someone after us.
Another time, I laughed so hard, I peed my pants. (blush)

I remember Mrs. Ouellette read books to us at the end of each day. We would choose sad books on purpose because she cried so easily. (ashamed of that now...but we thought it was funny)

We learned Bible verses together and sang at churches together. We played hopscotch and baseball and learned to ski together. That was my favorite year of school.


Gloria Harriman said...

Oh! How I wish Canaan Christian was still in existence! But Youth Haven is there now and doing a wonderful job reaching young people.

Laury said...

What a rebel:) making the teacher cry. lol. Good memories, Vonnie.

Yvonne Blake said...

Aunt Gloria, those were fun times. I have to get my old photos out and scan them.

Laury, what can I say? We were 13 yrs. old... and silly.


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