At the Same Time!

This last weekend, I happened to mention that I once lived in the Bahamas.
Nadine Cooper, a woman at our table, said,
"I was born in Nassau, Bahamas."

Wonder of wonders, her family (which had come from Belize for just a couple years) was living in Nassau at the very time that my family was in Nassau. Her aunt worked in the same hospital where my mother was getting her midwifery training. My mother might have delivered her!

Nadine told me that her parents attended a Brethren church and were associated with a Christian school. (We haven't confirmed any specifics, yet, but it gave me chills of amazement.)

To read about my memories of that time

Here is an article about Kingsway Academy
where my father taught
and where I first attended school.
(In the class picture of 1967,
I am the blond haired little girl
sitting on the far left.)
(My father, John Beverly, is in a 1968 picture.)

Why have our paths crossed... twice?
I don't know, but it makes life so interesting!

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Joanne Sher said...

That is SO amazing. No such thing as coincidence. Looking forward to hearing more details (as I'm sure you are LOL)


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