Wiggling and Growing

Polliwog Pages

Just like real polliwogs,
my website Polliwog Pages is growing.
This site is dedicated to the promotion of children's literature -
for children and by children.

My "Polliwog Kids" are getting excited about writing and have sent me more of their work. More "Polliwog Kids"are joining the fun. (If you are a teacher, please get parental permission before sending your students' writing.) I do not post stories with violence or offensive language. I also screen the comments to protect the children from spam and rude remarks.

Do you know of any youngsters
who would like to join us?


Since there is a growing interest of the young writers, I have started a new page with lots of great ideas to help trigger their imagination. I will occasionally post some writing lessons on this page - character development, dialogue, point of view, sequence, etc.

For those who are interested in writing for children, I have a page for you, too. Learn techniques that make strong and interesting books for children. I will be teaching a session on these techniques, plus more at the FaithWriters conference this summer.

If you are looking for some great books to read to your children, visit my library, where I have collected some of my favorite books for all levels. Also, on my Storytime Page, I have a collection of my own writing.

Come visit Polliwog Pages often, and see what's wiggling and growing.

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