Canaan Years - Marching Band

I loved being in a band. I loved when a complicated piece of music came together just right. I loved when I could feel the marching music right to my bones, when it felt my heart was beating to the beat of the drums. I loved playing the high trill piccolo notes that flew above the other instruments. I loved marching in formation, keeping in perfect step or weaving between each other to make intricate designs.

Mr. Duffy, the band director in Skowhegan, knew how to direct a good marching band. He took us to see a marching competition and then taught us some formations. I think our favorite was the "floating V" to the tune of "Hawaii Five-O." We won first place in the holiday parade in Bangor with "Tea for Two." I remember it was in November and we were freezing!

We were the Skowhegan Indians; our colors were orange and black. Our uniforms consisted of back slacks with an orange stripe down the outside of our legs, black shoes, an orange jacket, and a white overlay with the school emblem on it. We had orange hats with white plumes. (sorry no picture)

I played the flute and stood at the left front corner, a pivot point for our sharp turns. Mr. Duffy taught us to make a 90 degree turn in ten steps, the pivot person walking in place and the outer person taking large steps. (I preferred being the pivot legs were too short for going on the outer edge.) It was fun being able to keep our lines straight and precise.

We also marched in many Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades. I shook the hand of Longley before he was elected governor at one of the parades. Skowhegan celebrated its sesquicentennial and our band led the way. We marched all around the town, about seven miles. The parade itself was so long, that the last floats hadn't left by the time we returned to our starting point.

Canaan had a Memorial Day parade, and Jay Holt (a boy in our church) often played "Taps" at the memorial stone in the center of town.

Marching band was certainly
one of best experiences and memories.

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