Canaan Years - Youth Group

Once a week our youth group would have some kind of activity. What crazy fun we had!

I remember a scavenger hunt around the whole neighborhood - looking for old pennies and calendars and paper clips.

Sometimes we joined other churches roller skating. I was a bit wobbly on my feet. *silly grin* What a good excuse to hold hands with a boy!

I've already mentioned the sledding parties, snowball fights, and may baskets. We also went Christmas caroling, miniature golfing, and camping.

Camping brings too many memories to tell all! Yonder Hill Campground was on the other side of Skowhegan. We rented two lean-to "cabins" - one for the boys and one for the girls. (With only 3 walls, you couldn't really call them cabins.) We sang around the campfire and swam in the pool and talked all night. (at least in the girls' cabin)

Once we went to a teen retreat in Bucksport. There I played my flute, while my mother played the auto-harp, and sang "The Way that He Loves."
(My husband says it was the first time
he noticed!)

Another time, we joined some other youth groups to sing for a Jack Wyrtzen rally. He used the Skowhegan high school gym. It was packed! I remember being so nervous. The choir sat on stage the whole time. We sang "We are More than Conquerors." I remember that Mr. Wyrtzen was really nice and talked with us before the meeting.

Being the pastor's daughter, I could put in my requests for activities. I remember choosing a certain night for our hayride because it landed on a full moon. A farmer pulled trailer of haybales up to the fire tower. I even had the nerve to invite a guy to sit next to me. (not quite the innocent girl that you thought I was, huh?)

Those teen years were the best and the worst. But it's funny how the bad parts don't seem as tragic now as they did when you were 16 years old. Each part of life has its ups and downs, doesn't it?

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Linda said...

I also have such wonderful childhood and teen memories from the church activities when I was growing up.

In fact my childhood was wonderful...even though we were poor and my dad was not present in the home after I was 5 or 6.

But my mom was a loving Christian mother and God got us through the hard times and always provided for us!

I am glad you have these good memories of being a PK (preacher's kid)....

Have a great day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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