Poetry - Living in Forever

Living in Forever

His name, the Great “I AM”
Creator of all time.
Beyond the highest wisdom,
Or knowledge of mankind.

Our days and minutes pass,
Just ticking, beating on;
As ages march by steadily,
Repeating never-- gone.

Imagine if there is no time,
Forever being now;
Could I comprehend it?
No— I don't know how!

For He has numbered all the stars
The hairs upon my head.
Arranged in sequence is our lives;
His pow'r in nature read.

Time even orders up our speech
With first and next and last;
For yesterday and tomorrow,
Adds future to the past.

Without the clocks of time,
We'd never have to wait,
No need to say, “Be patient,”
“You're early” or “You're late.”

He lives within forever,
Without limits or confined,
Yet works so true, precisely,
Minute details are refined.

We think in earthly terms
Of sometimes, then, and soon;
But when we are with Him
The night will be as noon.

Omnipotence, omniscience;
We cannot comprehend
How God already knows
Beginning to the end.

Great God and My Creator,
The King of Kings, Jehovah,
Far higher than my every thought
The Alpha and Omega.

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