Texas Trip: Day Three

Day Three:

Ahhh... the benefits of motel living! (microwave, frig, WiFi, maid service, continental breakfast, etc. ) As we stepped out of our room to go to breakfast, we were met with this sight:

I had a waffle in the shape of Texas! (but no grits...I'll have to buy some while I'm in the South.)

We drove along the seawall road on Galveston Island. What a mixture of architecture! Most of the buildings were on stilts because of hurricane threats. Some buildings were round or octagonal. Some were luxurious - others looked like summer camps.

We found a public access to the beach. After parking, we walked over a boardwalk that bridged a scrubby looking ditch with a sign that said,


The beach took my breath away. It stretched literally for miles from either direction. The greyish sand was powdery fine. As we approached the water, our footsteps compressed it -not leaving deep footprints, but temporary dry spots. There were beautiful and interesting shells everywhere. My pockets were getting heavy. We found a Man o' War jellyfish and a dead fish with scales the size of quarters. We walked a long ways (and I wished we had time to walk all day).

I loved the ripples in the sand. The endless beach made me wonder how many grains of sand there were. I thought of God's promise to Abraham.

Next, we ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was decorated with adobe walls and clay pottery. I ate my first fish taco and LOVED it! I need to get another one while we are here.

Then we went to the Lone Star Air Museum. Randy had a great time looking at all old planes, especially since they exposed some of the motors and workings. I don't get really excited over them, but I learned a few things and appreciated the dangers our soldiers faced for our freedom.

Returning to Austin (a four hour drive), I got a lot more done on my hand stitching. We got to see miles and miles of ranch land and hundreds of heads of cattle. Before coming all the way back, Grace took us to the top of a hill to see the sunset overlooking the Travis Lake. Austin is quite hilly -almost as much as home!

When we got back to the apartment, Matt surprised Grace with a digital piano for a graduation gift. (I knew and almost let it slip today!) His parents were also there, and we had a good visit over pizza. Later we watched the movie Planet 51 on TV -funny, but not a classic.

It was a busy, but wonderful day. I'm glad to go to bed.

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Joanne Sher said...

Sounds like a fun day, with so much to see. Lovely.


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