Texas Trip: Day Four

Day Four - Friday

Wow! Has it only been four days? Time really behaves strangely when you're away from home and busy doing new things.

This was Grace's graduation day -the real reason we came to Texas.

Randy and I took a morning walk to WalMart. (Did I already say that I LOVE having it in the backyard?) What a beautiful warm spring-like day. I wore short sleeves and sandals.

The graduation wasn't until noon, but Grace had to be there early. We met Matt's parents at their motel and drove across the maze of highways to the center of Austin, to the Austin Community College. (Grace will be working at Labor and Delivery department of St. David's Medical Center when she goes back to work.)

We met some of Grace's classmates and instructors. There were about 60 graduates at that time. Grace led the nurse's pledge and dedicated it to her grandma, my mother. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish Mama was there to see Grace follow her steps into nursing, even into midwifery. Afterward, we went to a new children's hospital for a reception. (A very beautiful building with various moving displays in the hallways -ball on a track and falling lights that you could "catch")

I'm glad I don't have to drive! The roads twist and wind around each other, with traffic stopping and going and whizzing at 60 mph. One roadway climbed up above some of the taller buildings. I felt like we were on a roller coaster ride!

We relaxed at the apartment for a couple hours before going to Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse. What an experience! Our waiter joked with us, especially Matt. The chef cooked the meal right at our "table" -tossing knives and juggling eggs on their spatulas and sending flames out of onion volcanoes. We had a watery, but delicous onion/mushroom soup, salad, fried vegetables (broccoli,cabbage,zuccini, and mushrooms), and a full bowl of fried rice. I had hibachi shrimp -scrumptious! I opted to use chop sticks for the full effect, and I ate all but the soup, salad, and the last half of my rice with them.

So far, we've had Mexican, Italian, and Japanese foods. My stomach never knows what taste is coming next. We figure that we might as well enjoy the foods and culture that we can't get at home.

We ended the day with a Christmas movie. I need something to remind me that it's December.

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Joanne Sher said...

Those Japanese restaurants are SO fun. Sounds like a wonderful, fun-filled day!


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