After Christmas Sorting

Does your house look like this?

It's time to clean up the mess. Some of the clutter is a unavoidable because we must live - dirty dishes, laundry, etc. Other things need to thrown away - wrapping paper and boxes and old, worn out belongings. There are things we have, that are just for fun, but they need to be put in their new places.

I feel like I'm fluttering around, but not really accomplishing anything. I need to sort through the "stuff" and put it all in order.

My life feels like this, too. There are so many things cluttering up my time right now - things I must do and things I want to do.

There are necessary things I must do - take care of my family and house and writing as a ministry. There are some useless things I need to "throw away" or drop from my daily schedule - things that take my time away from more important duties. Also, there are fun things that need to be put in their places -reading books, playing games, writing for fun.

I'm sorting out my life this week. Are you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A good time for sorting. Yes, changes, new choices,
downsizing. Thanks for this post.


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