My Christmas Grandson

It was two years ago, today...

My daughter and her husband were living with us,
and their first baby was overdue.
We knew the baby was a boy.
We knew his name would be
(I never thought I'd enjoy knowing ahead of time,
but now I like knowing them
and praying for them by name
before they are born.)

I was honored to be allowed to be with Anna,
as she went to the hospital to be induced.
It was a long day, but Anna and Chris did well
working together to have a natural birth.
Carter was born that evening, rosy and plump,
and being just as cute as can be.

(It's so hard to choose just a handful of pictures.
You'll have to go to my facebook page to see all the rest.)

I am so grateful to the Lord that they have lived
near us most of the time.
We have seen Carter learn and grow.
We've had the joy of his hugs and kisses
and silly times.

Over the last few months, he's been at our home almost everyday, because Chris is in the Marines' boot-camp, and Anna is working. Yes, we all have our grumpy times, but I'm treasuring each day.


Anonymous said...

Such a cute little boy! All your grandkids are cute!

Laury said...

I love how you shared pictures of Carter growing up. They sure change quickly. What a cutie!


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