New York Years - Big Snow Storm


New York State is famous for getting lots of snow. The wind blows over the Great Lakes, picking up moisture, and dumping it over the state. But, some storms are bigger than others.

In the winter of '69, (NY Times) we got a record-breaking storm. The snow was up to the windowsills. Nothing could come up our road - not the school bus, not the snow plow, not even snowmobiles.

The world looks so different when a layer of snow covers everything. It looks soft and sweet and sugary. When we walked outside, it was above our waists. My little brother was following me, and my mother couldn't even see the top of his head.

Snow days are fun!

We made snowmen and had snowball fights and went sledding. When the snowplow finally plowed the road, we made forts in the combings in our front yard.

Of course, the best part was coming inside to get warm by the fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate and some popcorn.

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Julie Arduini said...

I have so many pictures like that! Although I missed '69, I remember '93 when we had back to back (to back?) blizzards.

Thanks for the memories.


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