Snow Fun



No one can resist flopping backwards in a patch of new fallen snow to make a snow angel. The hardest part is getting out without ruining the design.

Then you HAVE to make a snowman!

picture by Michele Stapleton

Maybe if you have a group of friends, you can play "Fox and Geese". A circle of snow is tromped in a snow-covered yard. Lines across the middle make spokes to the center where the "fox" stands. He can only run in the spokes, but the geese can run anywhere within the paths. The first goose caught becomes the next fox.

When everyone is tired and wet, there's nothing like coming inside and having a hot cup of cocoa. Noses tingle and toes burn as they thaw out. Mittens and boots dry before the stove.

It's winter!

(Dont' forget to post a comment with your favorite Christmas food to win Micah's CD.)


Sherri Ward said...

Gotta love winter! We did all of those things as kids, how fun! For a time we lived in the mountains where the ice is definitely safe to skate on, so we learned that, too. Favorite Christmas food has to be the rolled and cut and decorated cookies because my boys always helped. It's a nice memory.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for commenting, Sherri. Making cookies together is so much fun.

Michele Stapleton said...


The link on the snowman photo doesn't work. Can you give it a look?


Michele Stapleton

Yvonne said...

Sorry, Michele. It should be good now.


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