Bahama Tales - "Green Turtle Cay"

The first year in the Bahamas, we lived on Green Turtle Cay, a small island off Abaco. My father was a school teacher, and we lived in a house across the hill from the school.

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The island was settled by white people from England, so the houses are not typical Bahamian style, but cape houses with picket fences and flower gardens. I didn't know it was strange at the time, but later realized it was different.

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I was four and my brother turned one while we lived there. Our house was rather spacious and modern compared to later houses, but I was young and didn't care as long as I had food and clothes and a place to sleep.

I remember going to school for the first time. There were at least 3-4 grades in one room, and the teacher asked me to try to write the alphabet. Already knowing how to read, this was a cinch and I finished in a couple minutes. I was very bored waiting for her to get back to me. When I went home, I told my mother it was too boring and she taught me after that. My father taught the upper grades and had his hands full from the stories he's told me over the years.

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One vivid memory I have is of a neighbor girl lying. She (or her mother) invited me to her house to play. The girl ate a "berry" and told me they were good. I bit down and it felt like my mouth was on fire! I went home crying to my mother. We traipsed back to get an apology. When confronted by her mother, the girl claimed I fell on the pepper while running. I was shocked and even more so when her mother believed her. It's funny how the emotion never leaves.

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Another memory is of taking a ride on a go-cart my father made of scrap wood and buggy wheels. I remember is was the day before Easter, because my mother had just finished my new dress and had taken a picture of me. I rode down the hill, but didn't know how (or didn't think of ) using the brake. I crashed and scraped my face. I had to wear bandages on my face for church the next day.

Speaking of church, a chalk artist came to the island. I remember he played a unique arrangement of "Jesus Loves the Little Children" that I've only heard once more in my life. I remember one picture where he actually lit the fire in the scene.

This is a picture of a Junkanoo Parade. It is celebrated on Dec. 26th. It was originally to honor a man named John Canoe.

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There are a few more snippets of memories
on Green Turtle Cay:

*making up stories because I couldn't sleep
*not wanting to go trick or treating on Halloween
*being embarrased at scooping horse droppings for the garden
*being afraid of a dark, little corner store
*getting spanked harder for laughing at a little spank
*seeing my father kill a snake with a rake
*walking along the path to the beach
*seeing a friend still drinking from a baby bottle
(btw: these are notes, in case I want to remember them later)

Next week, I'll tell you about Devil's Point on Cat Island.


T. Anne said...

Wow. i so envious. I can only dream to visit!

Sherri Ward said...

What great memories, and it sounds like a wonderful family life. I never tire of the ocean. Hope to read more!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading about your memories. You could write
a children's book on it.


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