Museum Research

Museums are great places for research. As a writer, I am always wanting to know what things were like during the time of my story. Just read facts doesn't let me experience it first hand. I like to touch things, walk around them, smell them, hear them...and imagine I was there.

We have Ft. Knox nearby in Bucksport

and the Penobscot Marine Museum
right here in Searsport.

This summer, I went to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum with my father. If I had gone alone, I probably would have walked through in about 15 minutes, not learning much. But, my father had a story for each vehicle and made it very interesting for me.

He liked the cars,

but I was more interested in the earlier, horse-drawn things...especially the gypsy wagon.

Last week, my husband and I (on our way back from the conference) visited the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, NY. This particular one was in the last weighing station. They would pull the barge into a little lock, drain the water so the boat rested on a cradle. After subtracting the weight of the boat, they could determine the weight of the cargo and be charged accordingly.

We were able climb aboard a reconstructed boat, and I got my "hands-on" experience there.

I loved the mural on the wall outside...

and the general store.

I came away loaded with a few books and lots of great information for my next book.

Have you been to a great museum recently? I'd love to hear about it.

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Linda said...

Hi Vonnie, I loved the pictures you took in the museums. It is fun to see how things used to be isn't it? And to imagine how life was back then.

When I was a child my mom used to take us to museums and it was really fun. I haven't been to one in a really long time.

Maybe my husband will take me to one and we can explore together.
I am feeling like a relic today myself, as it is my birthday. ((smile))

Hop on over to read my "school days" post if you get a chance.

Glad you had fun at your conference.

Thanks for the Morning Songs. I love them.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Michelle said...

Hi, just hopped over from Lynette's blog. Ohh, great pictures! I love museums also. Sure gives inspiration for writing historical fiction, which is something I enjoy writing. Great post!

The Tender Scribe

Jenilee said...

museums are so interesting. my husband and I love history. it was fun to read your post!

Lynnette Kraft said...

That horse drawn carriage - gypsy wagon was amazing. So many things used to be so ornate way back. People weren't running crazy so much so they took time to do all the beautiful details more often.

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'd love to do that - just go to museum after museum. So much to see and learn about.

Thanks for the show and tell. That was fun. :)



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