Who doesn't love popcorn?

It's cheap. It stores well. You can eat it with your fingers.

What a wonderful gift the early natives gave to us! Can you just see the surprise of the first person who saw it pop?

My mother made hers on a stove with a frying pan, shaking it and rattling it and making a terrible racket. We had basket popper for awhile to use over an open fire, but it wasn't too easy to use. We had kettle popper, that heated oil in the bottom of it. My son has a bucket popper with a rotating stirrer. My favorite style is the air popper. It's so much fun to see them shoot into the bowl. Of course, JiffyPop is fun to watch and a bag of microwave popcorn, but there's not the thrill of a stray kernal escaping and shooting across the room. (I always secretly wished to just let popcorn pop all over the kitchen, just for the fun of it!)

I love the smell and sight of movie popcorn. The buttery scent draws you to the machine, so enticingly puttering out mountains of yellow balls. You just HAVE to have some. I remember the first time I tasted some. I was a bit disappointed that it was not much different that popcorn at home. It wasn't worth the cost.(Actually, I think I've only boughten it once or twice at a movie theater.)

At Christmas, we string popcorn on our tree. When I was a child, we strung cranberries with them, staining our fingers red. My mother would give us thread about two feet long on our needles. We poked our thumbs as often as the popcorn, learning just where the soft spots were without breaking the whole thing in half. With my own children, we'd buy wrapped colorful candies and string them among the popcorn. We would eat the candy, so that by the time we tossed it out for the birds, there was not much left but the wrappers fluttering between the wilted balls of popcorn.

I like caramel popcorn and Jello Popcorn Balls ). I remember buying Cracker Jacks and finding the little prize at the bottom. Do they still sell Cracker Jacks? Mmmmm... I can almost taste it now!

My son worked for awhile in a family owned popcorn factory in Alaska. OH, the flavors he would send home! Cinnamon Roll, Pumpkin Pie, Cheddar Bacon... The kernals are big and round, without a hull on the inside...don't know how that works, but it's great! Check it out. The Popkorn Factory They're delicious!

Have I made you hungry yet?


Dee Yoder said...

I love popcorn, too, Vonnie! It's one of the few carbs that take so long to digest, it is good for me to eat! My great-grandmother used to throw the kernels in the fire and let them pop out into the room. Her grand-kids would catch the popped corn to eat. (: Yes! They still have Cracker Jack, but the prizes aren't NEARLY so fun. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Sometime you really ought to let popcorn fly around the room. The laughter would be worth the cleanup.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Letting the popcorn pop all over the kitchen would be a great memory for your grandson...hint-hint :)


LauraLee Shaw said...

Oh, glorious popcorn. One time when I worked as a bookkeeper at the church, the youth pastors decided to play a joke on me on my birthday. They put crinkled up newspapers all over my floor. Unbeknownst to me, they had put popcorn under it. I had smooshed popcorn and the smell of popcorn in my office for almost a year. I won't tell you about my retribution on their birthdays...I'll play the victim here.

anyway, based on that experience, I'm not so sure about popcorn all over my kitchen. ;)


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