Day by Day

Today's Gathering at the Well is all about our motives.
Our discussion question is:

Are my motives pleasing to God?

Do you ever wonder if the things you do really matter?

Around our house, when the kids were growing up, it felt like doing laundry and washing dishes and cleaning floors were useless! As fast as I'd get them done, there would be more clothes, more dirty cups, or more muddy footprints. It was an unappreciated battle! Does anyone notice? Does anyone care?

When I was teaching at the school, once a year we would have spring cleaning. Every classroom would participate in scrubbing their walls and wiping down shelves and pulling out filing cabinets. Mr. Gross would remind the kids to wash and clean even the spots that no one would notice, to do it "not with eyeservice" but unto the Lord.

Colossians 3:23
"Whatsoever ye do,
do heartily as to the Lord,
and not unto men."

Sometimes, I wonder if anyone cares that I write. Does it matter? Is it something that I am doing for my own gratification...or is it something that God wants me to do? Do I have the right motives? I shouldn't need constant feedback to keep serving the Lord. The messenger doesn't always see the result of the message. Why does my heart need reassurance?

Yesterday, I sent the song "Jesus is All the World to Me" as my MORNING SONG. I don't have any particular pattern to choosing the songs, just whatever is in my head that morning or wherever I happen to turn in my hymnbook. I was so surprised and thrilled when the same song was part of our morning worhip service! I wanted to share the moment with someone, to catch their eye with a knowing smile...but there was no one in the congregation that one to share the moment with.

My disappointment, plus the sermon on the church body, caused me to wonder if I was wasting my time ministering to others not part of my own local church. What about my blog? Is it worth it? I needed to know if God wanted me to continue.

Later that afternoon, He gave me the assurance I needed. Someone told my daughter that they enjoy reading my blog everyday. This was someone who never commented or wrote me. I didn't know they cared. Someone else changed their email address and made sure I would put the new address on my MORNING SONG list. I needed that encouragement. I shouldn't need it, but I did. "Thank you, Lord."

Sometimes, we get 'weary in well doing', but we shouldn't. Today's devotional in "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers was perfect for me today. It spoke of not becoming spiritually weary in ministering, when we draw our strength from the Lord. We need to draw our refreshment from Him. He is our life.

Psalm 87:7b
"All my springs are in Thee."

So, as I live from day to day, I need not rely on the feedback of others to continue to serve the Lord. He's the one I should be looking to for my strength and approval.(I need to learn to "abide" we are learning in our Wed. memory verses.)
If He allows me to see the results of His working through me, then that will be an undeserved blessing that I should treasure in gratefulness.

Lord, teach me to look only to YOU for my strength and assurance. If I stray from Your will, show me my sinful ways, and lead me in the right path. Sometimes the way is lonely, when others don't understand, but help me to continue step by step, day by day, the job you have given me. Work through me, let my writing be of YOU and not of me. Shine through me, so that others only see YOU. Keep my pride and selfish thoughts from hindering my walk with You. In Jesus' Name, Amen


LauraLee Shaw said...

Love that you shared this, Vonnie. I have felt this way over and over and over again...about my value as a mommy, a wife, a homemaker, a musician, a ministry leader, a writer. You name it, I've felt it. I'll never forget the first time someone unsubscribed from my edevos without a reason. I thought I was going to have a coming apart. I spent too much time reading thru the previous devo I had sent out to see what I had written that offended this person so. I wanted to ask her, but I knew I shouldn't. Months later, she told me that she was enjoying my devotionals. I asked her how. I thought she had unsubscribed. She said she had one subscription at home and one at work, and she needed to delete the one at work as to not get in trouble for receiving personal mail. Oh my. All that worry for nothing. But truth be told, I've had other unsubscribers since then, and one by one, the Lord has shown me to let it go. It's not them I'm writing for. Well, it is, but it isn't. You know...

Anyway, I know you're making a difference, and only the Lord knows the greatness of the impact of your obedience to write. Just as you raised all those kids of yours, wondering if it really made a difference, look how incredible they turned out. Maybe someday you'll get to see some of the same fruits from your writing. :D

Love you!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

You ARE making a difference. It's great of you to be so obedient to the Lord by way of your writing and advice.


Patty Wysong said...

Yup. I sure understand this!!

LAURIE said...

I am so glad that you joined us in our discussion over at the well today! And I have felt exactly like you have it even worth my time...does anyone care...does anyone read my blog? God knows your heart and even though sometimes we do things for the wrong reasons I beleive God can change our hearts. I am thankful for a God that is a heart changing God! -Blessings, Laurie

Laury said...

Thank you for being so faithful in blogging and in your friendship. You are very much appreciated. Love you so much!


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