Flute Lessons

When I was in fourth grade, we were offered music lessons through the school. I remember going to the local music store and listening to the owner demonstrate different instruments.

At first, I thought I would like to play the saxophone, but I was so short, that I could hardly get the mouthpiece in my mouth while my fingers were on the keys. So, we went back.

The owner then played "Yankee Doodle" on a piccolo. That's what I wanted to play... and it certainly was small enough! Only, he said I would have to learn the flute first.

So, we rented a used Gemeinhardt flute. (which we finally bought for $80 and I still have it today, although it has been restored) My first teacher was a young woman named Miss Spinelli (sp?) She played beautifully and taught me well. I was able to be a part of a regional band while in 5th grade.

When I reached jr. high, Mr. VanBuren was my band director. He made music fun. My friend and I, sitting in the front row, would get giggling when he really got into the music. His baggy pants would start bouncing, and he looked liked Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo.

When I moved to Maine, I was part of the high school band, under Mr. Duffy. He taught me how to march and play music at the same! Our band won an award in the Holiday Parade in Bangor, playing "Tea for Two" and doing formations. We did various routines during the football games. I loved our floating diamond while we played "Hawaii Five-O".

It was during a band concert that I stood up for my beliefs. I had already spoken to Mr. Duffy about playing rock music as part of repertoire in our classic band music. When he asked us to pull out "Rock Around the Clock" impromptu, in the middle of our spring concert, I refused to play and was called to the office the next day. I sadly quit...leading others in band and chorus to decide whether the music was honoring to God. Read a fictionalized version of this here: Bon Courage

My husband says he first saw me when our youth group visited his church and I played my flute.I was playing "The Way that He Loves" with my mother playing the autoharp with me. I still play it at Christmas programs and other times. I've enjoyed where it has taken me and the people I have met because of it. I still want to use it to honor my Lord.

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Hoomi said...

I remember singing "The Way that He Loves" in the choir back when I was in High School. I'll have to try it on flute one night.


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