Snow Globe Days

Yesterday, our world was filled with piles of white fluffy snow. It sifted down through the steel-gray sky, sometimes blowing sideways, sometimes fluttering like glitter in a snow globe. It fell and fell, until everything is rounded and mounded. My flat sundial looks like a tall white cake.

Little round spots of a cat make a dotted path, looking like a perforated line along the driveway. Squirrels send showers of snow as they leap from branch to branch. Finches, chickadees, and juncos play "King of Birdfeeder".

My husband's steps crunch up the front steps. He stomps snow from his boots as he returns from cleaning off the car. Little puddles of snow melt on my kitchen floor. The morning light colors the snow in pinks and blues. I'd just as soon just observe and enjoy this winter day from inside my cozy home, but I suppose I'll have to bundle up and get out there sometime.

Here's a poem I wrote for FaithWriters' Weekly Challenge, on the topic "Christmas Tree".


Nature’s Ornaments

Green boughs
Wearing white muffs
Shivery, silvery secrets keep
Knee deep in a soft, blue-tinted skirt.

Branches shrug
Winter’s heavy shawls
Ice dripping and hope renewed
Life flowing, sap spreading, new birth

Green growth
Hiding twittering nests
New life shielding, revealing
Surrounded by pale-minty leafed trees.

Falling Tears
Jewel-like droplets
Clinging, sparkling in the gloom
Sweetening the air with breath of springtime

Pointed spire
Reaching arms to heaven
Adorned by bright feathery wings
Sheltering the least and smallest of His creatures.

Wispy webs
Draping like garlands
Morning dew in sunlight sparkles
In silence breathes a thankful prayer to God

Fruitful cones
Hanging and dangling
The promise of life and harvest
With their spicy scent in the warm autumn air

Blowing winds
Whispery needles wafting
Carpeting ground with golden threads
Fluttering ornaments of gold and scarlet leaves.

Frosted tinsel
Tinkling, shimmering ice
Worshiping, singing with praise
Perfect harmony with the soft moonlight.



Anonymous said...

You got a pic of a bird at the feeder!
I like that poem, very descriptive.

Dee Yoder said...

Ahh, Vonnie...thanks for helping me view this pile of snow outside my window in a new light! I'm always delighted to see the first flake fall, and even more delighted to see the last one melt. (: And that poem is one of my favorites!


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